Monday, February 28, 2011

We have a garden!

This past Saturday ,my father in law and 14 yr old son planted seeds for our garden.I am so happy!! My father in law lives 2 houses down,and he just came over one day and took the initiative and prepared  the soil.Another awesome thing he has done ,is plant 4 myrtle trees and several fruit trees ,and last year he planted about 7 palm trees.We are so blessed to have a family member with 2 green thumbs.Everything he plants seems to grow! And I love the fact that my son is working with him.That's what I call an involved grandparent!

Love this picture~just precious!

In love already!

A unique way to say hi,from our 14 yr old son.Cute right?


momto9 said...

Garden already? Wow...hope spring comes around here too:)
What a great grandpa!

Cinnamon said...

Hello~ Thank you for stopping by our blog. You asked if I was from Hawaii. I am not. Both my husband I were raised in Southern California :-) But now live in Iowa.

Love that you can get your garden going already. We still have a ways to go till we can do that.