Monday, February 28, 2011

We have a garden!

This past Saturday ,my father in law and 14 yr old son planted seeds for our garden.I am so happy!! My father in law lives 2 houses down,and he just came over one day and took the initiative and prepared  the soil.Another awesome thing he has done ,is plant 4 myrtle trees and several fruit trees ,and last year he planted about 7 palm trees.We are so blessed to have a family member with 2 green thumbs.Everything he plants seems to grow! And I love the fact that my son is working with him.That's what I call an involved grandparent!

Love this picture~just precious!

In love already!

A unique way to say hi,from our 14 yr old son.Cute right?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Mexico to you~

Hello ! we are back  we had a great time with my husband's family in Mexico.The days
 flew by ,we did so much together and here are a few pictures to share with with some of the fun we had. Okay this is homemade mole that was serted at a Quinceanera.This picture taken on our way there.
candies galore at the Mercado(market)
on our way to the rancho
more pictures from the Mercado.fresh produce,herbs,flowers...
cactus ..nopalitos  ,delicious in red salsa
a cute corner of an uncle's house
an old man walking
these are gorditas ~ a sweet bread ,some were of cheese,baked by my hubby's aunt in this panadero (sod oven)
cake made by my sisinlaw for a 15th cake..yum :):):){BTW I have the recipe..yeah!}
pastel is cake
some crazy chickens that belong to an uncle
Boots galore..everyone wears boots in Matehuala
gorditas in the making
a lot of scooter riders in this city
Daddy and his little cowboy~
Momma's handsome fella'

manteles means tablecloths
at a fabric store,bought a vinyl tablecloth,bright and cheery
a boutique
below pic ,selling fruit and clay pots
looks like Spain
at the supermarket

flower power*

city bus

below :a made bed
an amergency outhouse :) nice!

brooms at my husband's grandma's house
cooling pinto beans..neat huh?they leave there over night .

children playing in the "streets" of the rancho

some pesos

Laundry day..look at the cerros
laundry dayat some spring poolsroasted corn anyone?movie where "the mexican " was filmed.cute really old town up in mountains.check out the sinks in a rest area ..molcajetes..originally for making salsa or grinding spices.
Hope you have enjoyed these pictures...a totally different lyfestyle..long days :) no rush hour..lots of visiting .:)
God bless you~

Monday, May 4, 2009

Guess who was a student at my daughters' school....

Yup, Mrs.Barbara Bush & our city mayor Bill White!! The school had a small parade to celebrate their 100 th year anniversary and they were special guests. She was funny ! I was so excited to see her security!yikes!!you don't wanna mess with those guys.

my daughter took over the camera....

Here we are at the local food store,'Fiesta',shopping for fruit!We eat a looot of it!I have to shop for fruit like 3 times a week.I think that's a good thing.:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

funny quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so so true~

"Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car."